Dictate the music you enjoy

Lots of music, fun shows, regular news, competitions, all this and much more, it is the radio Impuls. Always with you, whether you are on the road, at work or at home.
The most extensive traffic news in the whole Czech Republic, brings the radio Impuls. Thanks to us you constantly know what is happening on Czech roads, we inform you about accidents, roadblock or even about radars. The listeners themselves are calling to us in the radio to draw attention to obstacles in traffic on the roads. It pays to listen to our radio. Not only are you informed, but you also enjoy a lot of fun and especially Czech music. We play nonstop and we really throw in the notes to everyone.

Nationwide Radio
Radio Impuls without any difficulty you tune in the whole territory of the Czech Republic and for those living abroad and our amazing modern and popular radio do not want to come, just listen online on the internet.