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Tips To Buy The Right Water Jet Cutting Machine

Many companies and individuals prefer a water jet cutting machine because of their high precision in cutting various materials. However, the market has different types of water jet machines which makes choosing quite challenging. Here are things to look for when buying a water jet cutting machine.

First, you need to consider the materials you will be cutting. It is advisable to get a water jet cutter that has enough tank grit that is easy to operate and maintain. To cut harder materials, you will need to have some grit added to the jet of water, and that is why you need a machine with a tank grit. People whose operations involve cutting softer materials such as plastics and wood will only need the machine and water.

The other factor that affects the choice of the water jet cutting machine is the complexity of the cut you are after. If you plan to use the machine to make complex parts such as custom components, you have to find a cutter that has a fifth axis. The fifth axis enables the operator to make complex and intricate cuts at particular angles. You will also need the extra axis for taper compensation as well as weld preparation. If you want to be economical get a machine that will serve your needs and not one that will cost lots of many only to lie idle most of the time.

It is also a good idea to buy used jet cutter to further cut down on the cost of purchasing the equipment. A used water jet cutting machine will perform all the tasks that a brand new one does but at half the price. If you decide to purchase used equipment, find a reputable expert who will verify if the cutting equipment is functioning well before you pay for it. Take a look at the equipment’s intensifier and verify that produces sufficient intense pressure for cutting through hard materials. The machine’s pump should not be leaking, and its seals should be perfectly fitting.

Before you purchase the water-cutting machine, check the nozzle for dents and cracks to find out if it will need to be replaced. The condition of the nozzle should not scare you because they are relatively cheaper to replace, but it is still important to know their condition before making the purchase. Go through the reviews and testimonials of the prospective water jet machine dealer. Buy your water jet cutting machine from a seller with a higher number of positive reviews and fewer complaints.
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