Living by your own liking

Realize your ideas about living is possible even when it initially does not look like any big victory. But it's good to throw a flint in the rye. If you are in the settlement of fate and are a few dozen square meters, it is certainly not a dream of a villa with a swimming pool and a large garden. But even in older buildings, it is possible to resurrect their dreams and create a real home. But without a thorough modernization, it does not do. Reconstruction of the apartment is a possibility of how to exult from the level ALA Socialism Comfort ala Twenty-first century. The extent of the total transformation and its speed is up to you. If you take it from a single water to the clean, you will have a modern background one two.
Repaint is not enough
Housing in the older building entails the necessity of modernization. Without it, you will live in the backdrop of long past times. The panellists and the pupils are connected with the time of real socialism and this corresponds to the level of housing. These houses have a thorough modernization, so they are a solid roof overhead. Now you're on your turn. Modernization behind your own doors will be entirely in your direction. Moving into three plus one in a Paneller or in a drama means doing more to your satisfaction than just painting and buying new equipment. Reconstruction of the apartment entails much more than new carpets and curtains. Invite experienced experts and you will not only dream of comfort.