She found him in the trunk

Jersey from the brand Silvini lay completely at the bottom in the old dad's suitcase. Adriana didn't know what to think about it. Her dad never had a sport, but the jersey was big enough to fit just his big body. Nobody else in the family would surely have fallen. Until much later she found out that Dad had him on his brother, who had just not been in it. That's what it'll take, she thought. But that shirt belonged to a famous Cycleman, and that was the reason he was already in the trunk.
My dad had a true
I'd never say my dad was unfaithful to my mom. I didn't understand how mom could endure and overcome. I certainly couldn't do it, even though I love my friend very much. I'm sure it would put me down. From the time I found out, by the way in school. He was my young professor, who was still in the Silvin jersey, and I was reeling with my father. He noticed, and we spoke, I told him everything. He told me that everything had happened before he met my mother. So it wasn't quite a left-handed. Just my stepbrother.